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Prominent Comtech

  • Prominent Comtech Pvt. Ltd. a company registered with Govt. of India under the companies Act 1956.

    Since our inception in 2006, we have made an inimitable mark in providing logistical, technical and service support system to our clients. Our Primary objective is to provide Quality and Specialized Logistical Support to International Business Houses/Groups keen to explore strategic and turnkey opportunities across the Indian sub-continent.

    In sync with our philosophy it gives us a sense of immense pride to mention that we are one of the select few companies in India having had strategic alliances with prestigious Fortune 500 companies like Singapore Technologies, Singapore Kinetics, (Singapore), SELEX, Finnmechanica (Italy), Rafael, (Israel) and companies like ARIS SPA (Torino), Prodi (Milan), OMA Sud (Rome).

    Our state of art facilities consist of commercial office space measuring approx 5000 sq. ft. in the heart of India’s capital “Delhi”. The corporate office of our company has employment strength of 26 staff consisting of Automobile Engineer, who is technically qualified to service and support worldwide technology of Automobile Industry. A Qualified Pilot, holding valid flying license to operate and fly aircrafts.

    Legal Advisors work round the clock keeping our company updated with frequent changing policies of Government t of India. Financial experts assist in providing and analyzing project cost and expenditure implementation to target higher margin of profits. A team of MBA Graduates support the marketing and sales promotion for our clients. Team of Computer experts work round the clock to prepare explicit presentations for our client’s products range. A team of loyal workers and mechanics stationed at Delhi and in Bhuj, Gujarat, where we have a full-fledged mechanical workshop equipped with all necessary machinery.

    We have entered a contract to support and service All Terrene Vehicles of ARIS SpA, Italy which are manning the difficult and at places non-navigable terrain of infamous Runn of Kutch. These vehicles are being operated by Border Security Force, under the Ministry of Home, since 2010.